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Wednesday, April 15 at 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Corner of Allegan and Capitol (Capitol Lawn), Lansing, MI

The Coalition Against Higher Taxes is hosting an afternoon event at the State Capitol in preparation for the May 5th ballot proposal vote. This is not a party issue, this is a taxpayer issue! 

What will be addressed:
FACTS - What other laws will be triggered if this passes, not all of your tax dollars are going to fix the roads, what is this going to cost the average family?

FICTION - It's not this or nothing. There are other plans out there. Some have been introduced and others are in the making.

FOCUS - What we can do to get information out before May 5th. The importance of getting informed voters to the polls!

Training, Capitol step rally, informational items, networking with more details to follow.

Save the date, mark your calendars, see you there!

Time: April 15, 2015 from 12pm to 3pm
Location: Capitol Grounds
Street: Corner of Allegan and Capitol
City/Town: Lansing, MI
Website - www.saynotohighertaxes.org
Event Type: rally
Organized By: Coalition Against Higher Taxes



The list is out on how much Michigan's Cities and Counties will acquire from YOUR wallet IF the May Prop 1 Ballot proposal passes. download the entire list below or access the Detroit News Road Dollar Tracker at the link below

Tax hike's boost for Michigan roads detailed Detroit Free Press Article  

Full List of Dollar Amounts for ALL Michigans Cities and Counties for May Prop 1 Ballot Proposal PDF Format (Per Michigan Department of Transportation)


Beckmann: Real estate could scuttle Snyder agenda

"....according to testimony by Senate Secretary Carol Vivendi last year, is so every senator’s office would enjoy a clear view of the state capitol..."


Senate Bill 509 Majority Leaders Analysis

SB509 Senate Analysis

 For the record, here is the roll call of who voted yea and nay to spend $50 million for a better view of the Capital. 

Authorize new state Senate office building


Gregory (D) Johnson (D) Smith (D) Young (D)

Booher (R) Brandenburg (R) Casperson (R) Caswell (R) Colbeck (R)
Emmons (R) Green (R) Hansen (R) Hildenbrand (R) Jansen (R)
Kahn (R) Kowall (R) Marleau (R) Meekhof (R) Moolenaar (R)
Nofs (R) Pappageorge (R) Pavlov (R) Richardville (R) Robertson (R)
Walker (R)


Ananich (D) Anderson (D) Bieda (D) Hood (D) Hopgood (D)
Hunter (D) Warren (D) Whitmer (D)

Hune (R) Jones (R) Proos (R) Rocca (R) Schuitmaker (R)


$88M Capitol Welcome Center announced

On top of spending $50 million for a better view of the Capitol for the Senate, we need to spend ANOTHER $88 million for underground parking for our legislators and a welcome center. Along with asking for $2 BILLION in May AND being $450 million dollars short for this years budget.

More info HERE

Recent Stories:

Media Muddles Magnitude of May Tax Hike Vote... 

It's $2 billion...

Gov. Snyder's budget propsal...

Gov. Rick Snyder proposes $12 million Michigan film credit cut for 2015...


REVEALED: Loophole for illegals to vote in elections...

NEW ELECTION TOOL for Liberty, Patriot, and Conservatives!!

Voter Information Network SUPERPAC


Great to see these signs in SW Michigan!


How Will Your State Fare in the Obamacare Exchanges?


Source Report: How Will You Fare in the Obamacare Exchanges?





 Michigan Tea Party Alliance Web site Guiding Principle

We are tea parties from throughout the state of Michigan who believe we were given an awesome gift of a republic based on a set of inspired documents called the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  In these document are three basic principles we espouse.  They are:
· Limited government
· Fiscal responsibility
· Free markets
These values derive from our shared heritage and a belief in a free person who exercises personal responsibility. 

A)   Limited Government
1)    Strengthen state sovereignty
2)    Make local and state governments stronger and more independent from national government
3)    Stop legislation which hinders personal liability: property rights, moral legislation, free speech, etc. and most legislation which removes personal choice from citizens who have unalienable rights
4)    Reform tax code (with focus on lowering tax burden for all citizens)

B)    Fiscal Responsibility
1)    Reduce the size of all government departments and bureaucracies at every level
2)    Reduce and limit grants and foreign aid
3)    Common sense approach to balancing the budget, no new debt and eventually paying off the debt

C)    Free Markets
1)    Limit regulation of any sector of business or industry
2)     Reform subsidies and taxation
3)    Eliminate government ownership in any private company or industry

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PDF: U.S. congressional remapping(as passed 6-29-11)

PDF: Michigan Senate remapping(as passed by 6-29-11)

PDF: Michigan House remapping (as passed 6-29-11)


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